Pirates Plunder Near Maryland Real EstateSet sail away from Maryland real estate on a pirate adventure! Urban Pirates cruises boast that they can turn any landlubber into a swaggering pirate to be proud of. The venture starts at the dock where regular sailors turn buccaneers after boarding the pirate vessel The Relentless! Once aboard, Maryland homes are forgotten and the ship sails forward into National Harbor under the flag of the jolly roger. All hands on deck require a change in appearance from average citizens to swashbucklers. New looks feature tattoos, beards, mustaches and maybe an eye patch too.

Urban Pirates offers two cruise options for residents living on or near Maryland real estate. Those setting sail on the Family Adventure will learn the lingo of pirates through song, dance and games. War is waged with water cannons spraying into National Harbor. Participants in the Bring Your Own Grog Cruise are welcomed to lug aboard their own adult beverages. They then can enjoy their special grog alongside friends as The Relentless sails the National Harbor waters. Birthday packages and charter cruises are available as well.

The Relentless sets sail rain or shine, so on cloudy days dress appropriately. Cruises fill up fast so reservations are recommended. Availability may be checked on the Urban Pirates Website so find a date to walk the plank and come on board matey.